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The brand is the corner stone of your business

The brand is the corner stone of your business

Creating great brand names and developing winning marketing strategies is our exclusive call since two decades – starting from the brand name , verbal identity and brand speech, including positioning and full integration of digital business drivers. Going global with the most promising start-ups to the most prestigious multinationals; our expertise Is the brand in its full amplitude.

As it is the case for the 500 largest companies worldwide, the brand has become the key resource of the business allowing a global strategic approach Admarka offers a strategic and integrative brand approach including the development of digital economy growth levers for the sustainable success of your brand.

Admarka’s Brand Consultancy is at the origin of numerous famous Trademarks and is member of the world largest network of leading naming companies. (see bottom page our partners w.w.)

Our multidisciplinary team consists of linguists, semiologist, marketing / digital strategist , trademark attorney, design and It developers, reflecting the collective intelligence working for the success of your brand.

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Swiss House of Brands

Is a new generation strategic consultancy Transformational growth, Brand strategy and Design

  • because digital challenges do require a different approach
  • because transformation has become the standard

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Why this constellation of expertise ?

The brand is the cornerstone of your business in a digital world where expertise is transversal.
The experts listed here have all collaborated on several global projects with Admarka and are together a strategic force/think tank Each of them is a well-known entrepreneur within its activity.

Chantal Baer

Founder & CEO

Co-founder of Swiss House of Brands

Member of several boards
Speaker & co-writer of the the book «les leviers de croissance à l’ère de l’économie numérique»

Team Admarka


Co-founder of Swiss House of Brands and founder of Spinnaker Communication, Marine coordinates all the different expertise for your brand implementation. She will design your specific campaign to become and stay visible.

Marine Rebuffat

Communication strategist and project manager

Co-founder of Swiss House of Brands

She manages national and international projects for worldwide clients. She is the partner of Admarka, assisting in all the legal matters of the naming projects since 2003. She can rely on extensive international network of dedicated professionals.

Sylvie Naudy

Trademark Attorney

Swiss House of Brands certified

Assisting Swiss and foreign companies to develop and expand their activities on an international base. Administration & governance have no secret for him, he builds smart structures taking into account all important issues like competition, risk and tax optimization using the latest digital strategies.

Eric Maire

Corporate governance , Financial & Tax advise

Swiss House of Brands certified

Her expertise allows lucid and independent lighting on the most suitable technologies to improve the performance of companies, specifically in AI She can train you on «Global Data Excellence», the unique Ai system that speaks natural language (

Virginie Guignard

Expert in digital technologies – Audit and investment advice – AI, blockchain, etc.

Swiss House of Brands certified

Complexity of contracts requires a subject matter expert for better risk management and a strategic approach to contracts and negotiations.

Albert Schot

Contract Management

Swiss House of Brands certified
Dealing with projects at institutional level in Switzerland or elsewhere, Olivier advises, connects and advocates for businesses in their public affairs.
He covers sectors such as information technology, health, and fintech, and opens doors at high level.

Olivier Naray

Public Affairs

Swiss House of Brands certified

is an award-winning researcher, consultant, and lecturer in business ethics and CSR.

Dr Bettina Palazzo

Business Ethics

Swiss House of Brands certified

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